Leading Technology

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Leading Technology

Our state-of-the-art facility is packed with leading technologies to ensure you receive faster, more comfortable, and more effective treatment.

Yomi® Robot-Assisted Surgery

This breakthrough robotic technology offers unprecedented advancements in procedure planning, augmented anatomical visualization, and haptic guided surgery to guide the hand of our specialist. The result is more efficient and precise results.

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Fotona Laser

As a multi-function laser, this powerful tool can be used for many treatments including completely cleaning and disinfecting complex root canal systems, repairing a gummy smile, treating periodontal issues, and more.

Advanced 3D High-Definition Imaging

Precision imaging means precision treatment. Without the discomfort of traditional bitewings, our cone beam imaging system provides a high-definition anatomical scan producing 3-D images of the bones, teeth, nerves, sinuses, and structure of the head, face, neck and jaw.  The resulting images are free of distortion, anatomically precise, and well beyond the exactitude of traditional X-rays.

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Gentlewave® technology offers a high-tech fluid delivery procedure that distributes liquid throughout your tooth’s root canal system to effectively remove infection while preserving valuable tooth structure.

Digital X-rays

No more painful bitewings. Digital x-rays are painless and provide crystal clear images without chemicals or increased radiation exposure.

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Platelet-Rich Fibrin for A Faster Surgical Recovery

Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy provides a natural way to help patients experience better healing after surgery. Prior to surgery, we use a small sample of your blood to acquire concentrated platelets and helpful proteins. This 100% natural “band-aid” is then placed on your surgery site to enhance post surgery recovery and boost the natural healing process.

Zeiss Extaro® Microscope

As a breakthrough application for microdentistry, the Extaro® leverages microscope-enhanced dentistry to deliver visualization modes that help detect detect root canal infections and enable a simpler tooth restoration workflow.

Photo of a Zeiss Extaro Microscope
Photo of a 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner

3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner

The TRIOS scanner allows our team to capture high definition digital video and images of your teeth without the mess of traditional impressions.  Patients enjoy a more comfortable, convenient and better experience resulting in more precise modeling.

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