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We’re On Your Team

As one of the premier “go to” specialist practices in South Florida, Dr. Camacho and his team are dedicated to helping dentists and specialists provide the best results possible for their patients. We’re here to serve you, your practice, and your patients.

Expect The Best

When you invite us to work with you in serving your patients, your patients can expect meticulous treatment planning, thorough execution, and excellent results. Working together helps us do it right the first time.

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Save An Appointment

Dr. Camacho’s unique digital workflow allows for more effective team treatment planning, better restorative outcomes, and a more efficient experience for referrals. His innovative approach creates the opportunity to reduce the number of appointments required.

Seamless Experience

We seek to be more than simply a place where you send patients for specialized treatment. Our collaborative approach means we work with you to help your patients experience a seamless continuum of care throughout their entire treatment process.

Photo of the the Fort Lauderdale Periodontics and Implant Dentistry Doctors
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