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Why did your Orthodontist refer you to a Periodontist?

Tooth movement is accomplished by the teeth interacting with the gums and underlying supporting structures. In order to achieve desired orthodontic results, sometimes gums and underlying bone procedures are necessary. We work in cooperation with your orthodontist to help ensure their successful treatment plan and your desired result of a straight smile.

Orthodontic/Periodontic treatments performed by our team

Impacted Tooth Exposure

Oftentimes, adult canine teeth do not fully erupt due to crowding. In order to align these teeth properly, your orthodontist might request a canine exposure. Our team will expose the impacted canine by removing bone and tissue around the tooth while also attaching a bracket and chain to the newly exposed tooth. This allows your orthodontist to start moving the tooth to the correct position.

Accelerated Orthodontics

Conventional orthodontics can take years to achieve the smile you want. Working with an accredited orthodontist, we offer Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (also known as Wilckodontics) in order to diminish the amount of time you will have to be in braces. This is a one-time periodontal plastic surgery which results in bone stimulation as well as bone grafting in order to allow fast movement of the teeth.

Frenectomy and Gingivectomy

The frenulum consists of muscle/tissue fibers that develop and attach in the mouth. The presence of a frenulum and excess gum tissue (gingiva) can impede tooth movement. In order to move teeth properly, your orthodontist may require these attachments and excess gums to be removed. Our doctors routinely perform these surgeries at the request of the orthodontist.

Installment of Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)

Difficult to move teeth often require the placement of temporary anchorage devices. TADs include very small screw-like or plate-like devices. Working with your orthodontist, our doctors surgically place TADs in order to enhance treatment options by reducing the need for extractions, headgear, and additional surgeries.

Collaboration is our Process

We work in collaboration with your orthodontist, maintaining open communication with you and your referring orthodontist in order to ensure that your desired treatment is achieved.

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