Sinus Lift Surgery

What is a sinus lift surgery?

Also known as sinus augmentation, the sinus lift surgery adds a bone graft to the upper jaw. This procedure increases bone height in the upper jaw around molar and premolar teeth. To do this, the sinus is “lifted” off the jaw.

Why do I need a sinus lift surgery?

When tooth loss occurs, bone loss can occur. The upper jaw contains less bone than the lower jaw. Therefore, tooth loss in the upper jaw near the sinus cavity causes bone height defects. For dental implant surgery, appropriate bone levels are needed. Therefore, a sinus lift is necessary to develop bone height before dental implants are surgically placed.

Is a sinus lift surgery required for all patients interested in dental implants?

No, not every patient needs a sinus bone graft. Often, it depends on a patient’s:

1) existing bone levels

2) tooth loss, and

3) the size and number of dental implants placed.

Therefore, it is best to call our office and make an appointment for an exam and consultation to see if you need a sinus lift prior to dental implant surgery.

Is a sinus lift surgery painful?

Like any surgery, discomfort, swelling, and bruising occurs. Additionally, fort best outcomes, the appropriate amount of rest and post-op compliance is required. Dr. Camacho and Dr. Rosenbaum work with each patient to establish post-operative plans for proper healing and pain maintenance.

Who performs a sinus lift surgery?

Sinus lift surgeries are performed by dental specialists. In fact, periodontists receive 3-years of training in sinus lift procedures. Therefore, Dr. Camacho and Dr. Rosenbaum are both proficient in sinus lift surgeries.

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