Dental Implant Problems

What are the signs of dental implant problems?

Just like natural teeth, dental implants can lose bone around them (also known as peri-implantitis). The amount of bone loss varies. Regardless of bone loss, there are key symptoms to a failing dental implant.

These include:

1) severe pain and discomfort around the implant

2) mobile implant and crown

3) swelling around the implant

4) gum recession, and/or

5) difficulty chewing on the implant.

Why do dental implants fail?

There are many causes for dental implant failures. However, the top three reasons for failure include:

1) failure to integrate into the bone during initial implant surgery

2) uneven forces and chewing on the implant, or

3) infection.

Can a failed dental implant be replaced? 

Yes! Schedule an appointment with us today to learn how to save or replace your failing implant.

How can I reduce my chance of dental implant failures?

Maintaining good oral hygiene and practices will reduce your chance of dental implant failure.  For that reason, regular dental checkups and cleanings are a must. Additionally, it may be necessary for some patients to wear a night guard.

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