Dental Insurance and Financing

Everyone deserves the healthy smile of their dreams. However, achieving that smile can be difficult with the finances associated with treatment. Fortunately, our office makes is easier than ever to help you achieve your healthy smile. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, insurance, and outside financing companies. Please call us today at 954-772-3600 to speak with our finance coordinator about specific payment options and questions you may have.

Dental Insurance
Often dental insurance does not cover the entirety of a procedure. It is designed to help with the cost. However, most dental insurance cover some of the cost of periodontal disease treatments. Depending on the company and your plan, 25-65% of the fees may be covered. However, limitations, maximums, and allowances may not be specified. Because insurance policies vary, please call our insurance coordinator at 954-772-3600 in order to discuss your specific insurance policy, plan, and coverage. Once treatment has started, we will file your claims.

Is a healthcare credit card designed with low-monthly payment options. Complete the online application here.

Lending Club Patient Solutions
Is a patient financing option that offers low-monthly payments. Complete the online application here.
If you'd like any help in understanding the financial responsibility for your treatment we will be glad to assist you in person and over the phone.